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Is Colombia Safe? Yes, go immediately

A lot of people ask the question- Is Colombia safe to travel? Warranted however times have changed from the days of street shootouts, kidnappings and the Marxist/Leninist FARC-EC terror squads that devastated Colombia. Since Alvaro Uribe was elected president and put his

Do you have a strong passport?

strong passport
Have you ever wondered how powerful your passport is? For those of us lucky enough to hold a strong passport the trouble acquiring visas can be avoided. This nifty graphic shows us how our passport sits in relation to others

Surf now worry later- The life of a surf instructor

surf instructor
James is a surf instructor who has traveled the world doing what he loves, surfing. Along with seeing some pretty amazing places James has managed to earn a crust by plying his trade at surf schools around the world. I

Living in Goa- Life Could be a Dream

I think everybody fantasizes about living in a tropical paradise, eating great food everyday and having a gorgeous beach as your backyard. Unfortunately, in reality certain logistics get in the way like- How am I going to pay for this lifestyle?

World’s Best Airports

world's best airports
Every year a rating agency called Skytrax ranks what they believe are the world’s best airports. The guys over at Skytrax have been busy ranking their top ten from over 35 categories. Head over and take a look for yourself

Tasmania- Why it should be on the top of your list

When most people tell you about their trip to Australia they’ll talk about walking over the Sydney harbour bridge or going to Cairns to molest a kangaroo. If you want to visit the most beautiful part of Australia with it’s

Ten Things I Hate About Living in New York City

hate new york city
1.) Your bike will get stolen eventually                               Yep, no matter how many locks, bolts, clips or ‘fool proof’ allen keys you have. Your bike will