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Can Americans go to Cuba?

can americans go to cuba
Can Americans go to Cuba? Sort of, not really but yes. After President Obama’s state of the nation address it’s clear that the sanctions with Cuba will soon be lifted. So, before it turns into Disneyland complete with a Starbuck’s

Things to do in Reykjavik

things to do in reykjavic
Reykjavik, Iceland is hot on the radar of many travelers these days. It seems everyone is suddenly writing about how fantastic Iceland is. Why though? I asked my friend who recently visited (and took some great photos) and asked him

Melbourne as a Tourist

melbourne as a tourist
The good thing about returning to your home town after years abroad is you start to appreciate things in different ways. Returning to Melbourne as a tourist, I was reminded of all the things I miss and some I didn’t.

Gili Trawangan mushrooms, beaches and backpacks

gili trawangan beach
Gili Trawangan a.k.a Mushroom Island is situated an hour and a half boat ride from Bali. If you can wade through the crowds of young men trying to sell you everything from accommodation to hash to bicycles to socks, you’ll

Understanding international dialing

how to dial international
Having trouble understanding international dialing? It doesn’t have to be difficult, follow these steps to ensure you get through to whoever you want- Each country has their unique dialing code, you’ll need to enter this code first to dial out of

Is Colombia Safe? Yes, go immediately

A lot of people ask the question- Is Colombia safe to travel? Warranted however times have changed from the days of street shootouts, kidnappings and the Marxist/Leninist FARC-EC terror squads that devastated Colombia. Since Alvaro Uribe was elected president and put his

Do you have a strong passport?

strong passport
Have you ever wondered how powerful your passport is? For those of us lucky enough to hold a strong passport the trouble acquiring visas can be avoided. This nifty graphic shows us how our passport sits in relation to others

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